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How can I reduce the cost of my contents insurance?

by Chris Brown on August 31, 2016 Comments Off on How can I reduce the cost of my contents insurance?

There are a number of ways in which to bring down the cost of your contents insurance.

No claims discount

If you haven’t made a claim in the last few years, then your insurance providers will lower your premiums

Combined covers

Most insurers will give you a discount on your home insurance premiums if you combine your buildings and contents cover

Neighbourhood Watch

Having a neighbourhood watch running shows your insurers that your home has increased protection against burglary. This provides incentive for giving you a discount. .

Home security

Further protection by an insurance approved alarm or security system will give you a discounted premium. For information on security systems that are approved, contact your insurance provider.

Indemnity policies

Most policies offer new for old cover, where the full cost of repairing damaged items, or replacing old items with new is covered by the insurer. Idemnity policies deduct an amount for wear and tear when you make a claim. Whilst these policies offer savings, they can leave you out of pocket particularly when making a large claim.

Policy excess

The more excess you agree to pay up front in the event of a claim, the lower premium will be.

Chris BrownHow can I reduce the cost of my contents insurance?